It is now possible to self-learn many things with the help of video tutorials. There are lots of video tutorials available on basics of computer, data recovery, data security, data storage, etc. Here are some good video tutorials on these topics.

Computer Basics


If you are new to computers then these tutorials can help you learn the basics of computers. You will learn about the most common computer terms people use today, the various parts of a computer, the operating system, applications, etc.

Computer Security


With so many people using the Internet today for important tasks such as sharing information or doing transactions, the risk of computer hackers and viruses have increased. This video teaches you the basics of computer security so that you can safeguard your computer and data from malicious attacks.

Cloud computing


Cloud computing has created revolution by providing unlimited data storage opportunities for people. Many people don’t have a clear concept about this technology. This tutorial will help those people to learn about the basics of cloud computing and how it can be helpful for their personal use and business.

Fixing hard drive


If your hard drive makes a buzzing noise when you turn it on then you know that something is wrong. In this video you will learn how to fix the common problems of hard drive.

These video tutorials are extremely helpful when you quickly one to learn about a particular topic. There are hundreds of videos available online on various topics related to computer. View these videos to learn about things that you don’t know.